What to Tell Your Pet Sitter BEFORE You Head Out of Indianapolis

It can be very exciting planning a vacation or time away from home in general. During this pandemic, it has been challenging to find an escape away from it all. If you do manage to get away, and you can’t bring your pet with you, you may want to consider looking into hiring a pet sitter.  One significant benefit of having someone look after your pet for you allows for their routines to not be disrupted, and they can stay at home where it’s comfortable for them. 

 It’s normal to be anxious before leaving your pet at home for a vacation. Here are some things to tell your pet sitter before you leave Indianapolis so that they can take purrfect care of the pet you love! 


1) How they should enter your home. 

Whenever someone new enters your home, your dog can either react with excitement, or defensiveness. Depending on the breed, some dogs might not respond as well if you barge into the home, or don’t approach the dog slowly. Be sure to ask the owners how they typically enter their home and greet their pet. 


2) Your pet’s medical history. 

Since your pet sitter will be with your furry loved one full time while you’re away, they must be aware of all medical history, including any injuries, or current or past medications. Being as transparent about these things can help your pet sitter take quick action should anything happen to your dog while you’re away. 


3) Your pet’s behavioral history. 

Has your dog ever bit a person? Another animal? These are crucial details that need to be shared with your pet sitter. Like us, dogs have their boundaries too. Some pets don’t like their paws touched, or their tails and ears played with. These things can be triggering to some animals, so be sure to have an accurate account of your dog’s behaviour to explain to your pet sitter. 

Tell Your Pet Sitter BEFORE You Head Out of Indianapolis

4) The details of their mealtime routine. 

Whether your pet is free fed or has scheduled feedings, it’s essential to disclose your pet’s information. If your pet is on a mealtime routine to maintain a healthy weight, you must explain to your pet sitter how your pet is to be fed, how much they’re supposed to eat and at what time. If they’re allowed treats from time to time, let your pet sitter know how often your pet is allowed to indulge as well! 


5) Your pet’s bedtime routine.  

Before we go to bed, we have specific little rituals to perform before our heads can hit the pillows. We usually brush our teeth, read a book, or even take our dog for a walk! Dogs love routine as it allows them to know what to expect. If you do specific things with your dog to train them when its time to go to bed, you should go over that information with your pet sitter to continue to maintain your dog’s nightly habits.


6) The location of supplies. 

Should there be an emergency, letting your sitter know the location of important supplies will help them be prepared if anything happens to them, or your pet while you’re away. Ideally, you want to create a pet first aid kit that has all the essential supplies needed. Having everything in one place can allow your sitter to act quickly during an emergency.


7) Emergency information 

If you have any emergency/additional contacts that your pet sitter can reach out to if you cannot be reached, it should be kept in a safe place. Things such as names, phone numbers, your pets’ veterinarians’ name, address and phone number are all helpful. This gives your pet sitter plenty of resources to turn to if she has any questions or concerns while they’re watching your furbaby. 



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