Vicki R. (Rufus)

My cat LOVES the visits. He is pretty high maintenance will refuse his litter box when things aren’t going his way, so I try to humor him…Although a pet sitting service is more expensive than hiring a student, I know I have someone who is very reliable and knows about animals, including how to recognize illness and how to give medications.

Shane T. (Logan & Spencer)

This company gave us the best experience of pet sitting we have ever had. We have never left our Older dogs with anyone that took as great of care of them. We definitely recommend them, considering the risk you run of pets getting sick from being around other animals or stressed from separation anxiety when you board them (this was actually CHEAPER than boarding them) and they had GREAT ONE on ONE attention.

Logan & Spencer
Katie C. (Oke & Dot)

I have been using Pet Sitting of Indianapolis since my dogs were puppies, and they absolutely love Sara. She is extremely reliable and flexible, and has always been there when I’ve needed her… Using Pet Sitting of Indianapolis is a great alternative to boarding my dogs, and saves me a lot of money. I would highly recommend this service.

Oke & Dot
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