Professional Pet Care Services

One price, Full Service

We keep it simple! No clock watching or confusing add-on fees. All midday visits and cat visits start at $21. All vacation visits start at $26.


Morning, Midday, Evening time blocks available. 

Dog Sitting
You deserve a vacation! Right now, though, it is so much work to make it a safe and positive experience. The last thing you need is more stress planning for your dog. Just book easily in our app and you’re DONE! Seriously. The pet sitter will come to your house once you’re gone and take care of everything.
Cat Sitting

Cats rule! When you get away you should be able to fully relax and not worry about your tiny ruler back home. Does he prefer to drink from the dripping sink? Does she need time out on the patio to watch the birds? Their wish is our command! We are trained in Fear Free techniques to make sure the whole experience is stress free.

Unique Pets

We’ve probably cared for just about every kind of pet out there; from hamsters to horses, parakeets to piranhas! Our smaller buddies don’t get short changed on visit time. We will happily work with you to devise a custom care plan for our bigger buddies, too.


Mon-Fri 10a-3p
Pup-ership Membership Discount Program

All recurring midday scheduled visits are eligible. We have 2 options to pick from and there is no penalty if you need to withdraw from the program. Check out our Pup-ership page for more information!

Puppy Care
Are you the proud owner of a Pandemic puppy? Congratulations! Let us help burn off some of that puppy energy. We will also reinforce all the new training techniques you are working on. It’s so important your puppy stays on schedule; so, we will also have time to feed and offer water.
Work from home
Your new co-workers may be cuter, but they are a lot more demanding of your time and attention! Schedule a dog walker to come before or during that important Zoom call or class. We have procedures in place to slip in and out with your dog so you don’t even have to get up!
Home alone
Separation anxiety is on the rise since most dogs have gotten used to their people being home during the day. Don’t worry! We can come in while you’re gone and give reassuring belly rubs or exercise to calm him. We are Fear Free trained to recognize stress and anxiety; and, we know techniques that can help.
Golden Oldies
Getting old is ruff, but helping your dog enjoy his golden years doesn’t have to be! A mid-day visit can help him in so many ways. Is he having accidents from holding it all day? We can do a potty break or, if he’s feeling frisky, a stroll at his pace. Is she on new medicine or feeding schedule? We are trained to give medication, even injections, and will give a snack.