Professional Pet Care Services

Add Joy to Your Pet’s Day. Take the Stress out of Yours.

Our main concern is providing thorough care of the highest quality.  Your pet’s visits aren’t just about minutes on the clock. 

Each option below shows a minimum length that, through experience, we know we will work for most pets, but not all! 

Let us know what you and your pet need and we will customize a care plan just for you.

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Efficient Visits


Low impact exercise:
We can take the pet stress out of your workday whether you’re at home or away. Zoomies ruining your zoom call? Or no time to exercise a bored dog with pent up energy? No worries! We will come to handle everything and return to you a more relaxed, better socialized, and hopefully well-behaved dog.
Let outs and breaks:
Not all pets want, or need, to be exercised, but all do love routine. If your pet is used to a let out, a snack, or a break from the monotony of the day this is perfect for them too! It is a visit that is a benefit if you’re home or away.
Special needs care:
Do you worry about the health and well-being of your pet during the day? It’s especially hard to leave a new puppy or an aging pet home alone even for a few hours. From working on puppy commands to giving medications to your senior, we are trained to care for even the most specialest of special needs!
Small animal Pet Sitting:
Just because they are small doesn’t mean they don’t take up a huge part of your heart! So make sure they receive that same level of care when you’re away. From cats to gerbils to fish and everything in between, we will provide the exact same high quality care for them as their doggie counterparts.

Comprehensive Visits

(30 minutes/$25)

High impact exercise:
Your crazy driving you crazy? We offer a longer visit option for those breeds, puppies, and high energy dogs who take more time to wear down. There are some who may never seem to wear down, but the extended exercise, social interaction, and mental stimulation definitely helps take the edge off. You both deserve to have some peace and calm!
Vacation pet sitting:
This more extensive pet sitting visit is for those pets who need time for necessary care requirements; but also, added special care or exercise time. The additional time also is perfect for house sitting duties so you have less to fret about! Let us get your mail, deal with the trash, keep your plants alive, straighten up and other quick house chores.
Farm sitting:
We know it’s very hard to get away when you have farm animals. Whether it’s a small backyard set up or a multi-stall horse barn, we are experienced and ready to help! While this is a good place to start, we know most farm sitting jobs may take longer so we are happy to work out a custom plan that will fit your needs.
Overnight pet sitting:
We are not accepting new clients at this time for overnight visits. However, we can customize a similar “live-in sitter” experience with our vacation visits. Just ask!



Pet and CPR TRAINed

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