Pet Sitting of Indianapolis

Indianapolis Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting of Indianapolis is currently under construction!  Until this project is done if you have any additional questions about what you can expect from our Indianapolis pet sitting services, please reach out to us through the contact form on the right.  When you are ready to go forward contact the office at: 697-1519 to set up your FREE initial in home pet care consultation.


Daily Visits

Daily Indianapolis pet sitting visits can be a regular visit of 20 minutes or an extended visit of 45 minutes.  Typically, a regular pet visit is long enough for a walk and/or playtime, a feeding, and lots of love!  An extended visit may be needed if your pet has some extra energy to work off, special dietary needs, or medical requirements.  There are no extra charges for additional pets, but an extended visit may be needed for a larger family.  Smaller animals, such as cats or caged animals typically require less time; so, there is a small animal visit of 10-15 minutes.


Vacation Pet Care

Indianapolis vacation pet care can be multiple visits through-out the day or an overnight visit.  Up to 3 regular, extended or small animal care visits can be mixed and scheduled in one day.  In addition to the exceptional care for your animal, the Indianapolis pet sitter will perform complementary small duties around your house as added security and to decrease your stress when you come home.  Such caretaker duties include; switching lights, opening/closing blinds, bringing in mail and packages, taking out trash, watering plants and cleaning up after your pets.  The overnight visit is an excellent option for those pets who require extra care or suffer from separation anxiety.  It also helps add an extra level of security at your home.  The overnight visit option includes a complementary mid-day visit/walk.

Many pets simply do not adapt well to the Indianapolis kennel environment.  Allowing your pet to stay in his/her home has been shown to greatly cut down on stress.  We can work out a visit schedule that works with your pet’s normal routines and this will make for a happy and relaxed pet when you return!


Insured and Bonded

We are covered by Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.  This pet sitting insurance and bond means that as a client of Pet Sitting of Indianapolis, LLC you can feel secure allowing one of our pet sitters into your home.  Coverage includes any property damage while in our care, care for your pet, and lost or stolen keys.


We look forward to the opportunity to care for your Indianapolis pets as an extended member of our own family!